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Combustion Heating

The RCR Heat Treatment High Velocity Gas Burner (HVG) equipment consists of high output, fully adjustable units ranging between 100,000 and 8,000,000 Btu per hour. The turndown ratio is extremely high at approximately 100:1, a feature which gives complete and accurate temperature control at all stages of the process. In addition, no local ‘hot spots’ are produced and optimum temperature uniformity is achieved.

The equipment is fully portable and quickly assembled by experienced technicians. It has the option of being linked with RCR wireless technology to enable remote monitoring of temperatures.

The RCR (HVG) combustion system consists of Australian Gas Association (AGA) approved components and complies with the requirements of AS 3814-2099 and AS 1375-1985.

RCR Heat Treatments adaptable combustion services are able to react to customer’s specific requirements in areas such as the glass making industry, refractory dry-outs and the iron, steel and aluminium industries with preheat and post weld heat treatment.

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