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Induction Heating – Hardening


Induction is a non-contact electrical process allowing rapid heating of the surface of steels. This can be used for surface hardening or simply as an efficient heating method for preheats and fitting of components.

Induction Hardening

RCR Heat Treatment, Welshpool has the capability of carrying out induction hardening to:

  • Pins, shafts and pipes up to 400mm in diameter and up to ~2500mm long
  • Outside diameters of wheels and sheaves up to 5m
  • Track shoes, sprockets and other complex items
  • Linear surfaces up to 300mm wide and 4.5m long
  • Depth of hardening from 2mm to 20mm
  • Dedicated pin scanner to ensure rapid throughput of large batches of pins and shafts

Induction Heating on site

RCR Heat Treatment have the capability to carry out on-site induction heating using Miller Pro-heat liquid and air-cooled portable heating units.

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