Innovative technology revolutionising rail transport and unloading for bulk commodities.

RCR MT has an exclusive licencing arrangement with Kiruna Wagon for the Helix Dumper Wagon and Unloading Station as well as other associated rail wagon technologies.

The Helix Dumper is built for continuous, rolling discharge and is the wagon of choice for small fractions and tough-flowing commodities that are not suitable for bottom discharge. Currently, there is no technology that can match the productivity of the Helix Dumper when it comes to unloading heavy fine-grained bulk goods at a high discharge rate. The Helix Dumper unloads even the stickiest bulk materials at rates up to 25,000 tonnes per hour.

The Helix Dumper unloading station is a robust and low-cost solution that requires minimal maintenance. The discharge process is carried out at a smooth, even pace and is powered by the locomotive’s forward motion – the unloading station has no moving or motorised parts and requires no additional power supply.

When the Helix Dumper enters the unloading area, a wheel at the top of the wagon connects with the spiral-shaped rigid guide that constitutes the unloading station. As the wheel travels along the path of the guide, the chassis remains on the rails while the body of the wagon is rotated 148 degrees to dump its load. The rotation, along with the rounded shape of the wagon body, creates optimal conditions for efficient discharge of even the toughest concentrate materials.

This technology has unloading rates up to 3-4 times faster than existing methods, no additional power supply (which can be up to 4MW for existing systems), and significantly reduced stresses and strains on the wagon which will materially extend the wagon life and reduce maintenance cost, all at a fraction of the cost for existing unloading methods.  It has the potential to disrupt the current industry practice.

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