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Marine Gangways

The RCR MT Mobile Marine Gangway is a self-propelled electro-hydraulic walkway allowing safe access from wharf to ship. RCR MT marine gangways enable clients to access cargo and bulk handling ships efficiently within tight operating environments of single berths.

Designed with full on-board and remote control, the gangway can be manoeuvred and controlled to accommodate variances within the world’s shipping fleet.

Design features

RCR MT Marine Gangways are designed and manufactured in-house by our Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulics Engineers.

With over 30 years of mechanical handling design experience, RCR MT provides:

  • Highly developed Finite Element Design
  • 3D computer aided design
  • ISO 9001 design process

Features and benefits

  • Material selection and finishes to suit the harsh marine environment
  • Full on-board and remote controls
  • Mains and on-board power system
  • Innovative float features for tidal changes
  • Slew and drift features allowing for ship movement
  • Small operational footprint
  • Hydraulic controlled slewing, luffing and telescoping movement
  • Developed PLC logic for safety and control
  • Hydraulic wheel drive for on wharf movement
  • On-board warning and movement sensing

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