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Normalising, Annealing and Solutionising


Normalising is a process that is used to improve the grain structure and make a metal more ductile after it has been exposed to thermal or mechanical hardening processes. This process involves heating the component to a high temperature usually between 870°C and 940°C and then after a soaking period allowing it to cool in still air.

Solution Annealing

This is analogous to normalising but for austenitic steels (such as many stainless steels). Components are heated in the region of 1000°C – 1150°C, followed by rapid air cooling or quenching. The process is used to reduce the undesirable phases and work hardening effects to produce optimum properties and reduces the steel’s susceptibility to corrosion.

RCR Heat Treatment has the capability of carrying out these services both in-house and on-site using either electric or combustion methods. With two in-house bogie furnaces (~5.4×2.8m and ~4x3m) and the capability to fabricate temporary installations on-site to suit your needs.

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