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Refractory Dry-out

RCR Heat treatment are experienced in the dry out process in refractory. We utilise both electric
and gas options depending on the size of the work piece. This can be accomplished both in-house
and on-site.

The dry out process gives the refractory the strength it requires to assist with higher stresses, erosion issues and elevated temperatures. The process requires a slow heating rate with controlled soaking periods to ensure both the mechanical and chemical water is removed from the refractory. This is required to complete the chemical reactions of the cement and water.

Refractory dry-out benefits

  • Maximum removal of free water and humidity improving refractory integrity.
  • Minimising of spalling and cracking.
  • Reducing thermal stress and minimising potentially damaging micro-fissures and sub-cracks.
  • Preventing slip planes where the surface separates from anchored refractory.
  • Strengthening the refractory when ceramic bonding occurs.
  • Eliminating thermal spiking or sudden temperature surges during the dry-out process by the sophisticated microprocessor-based controllers.
  • Savings in fuel costs from the controlled dry-out process.
  • The use of convective heating to prevent hot spots.

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