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RCR MT has a variety of custom vibrating grizzlies and screens, which particularly suit our mobile product range.

Rotating Trommel

RCR MT has a proven track record in providing high capacity, low maintenance trommels to major mineral sands miners with extreme screening and material demands. RCR MT utilises proven tyre or trunnion drive systems and has adopted many maintenance friendly techniques to ensure that the trommels provide maximum availability to the operation.

RCR MT has developed an efficient computer design model for throughput calculations and can customise for each material application.

Features and benefits

  • Innovative in house design incorporating the latest in Finite Element Design (FED)
  • Trunnion-mounted or high capacity tyre mounted drive system
  • Flexible drive options featuring variable speed electromechanical and hydraulic
  • Polyurethane and woven wire screen options
  • Innovative screen mounting options
  • Polyurethane or rubber lining
  • Inlet splash seals
  • Removable feed chutes
  • Woven wire, polyurethane (bolted or push-in/push-out)
  • punched plate screens
  • Rubber lined underflow hopper
  • Integrated safety guards
  • Flexible electromechanical VSD drive solutions incorporating world leaders in drive options
  • Option reject conveyors

RCR MT has developed high capacity rotating coarse screening trommels, known as grizzlies. These grizzlies have been designed using developed Finite Element Design (FED) and RCR MT trommel technology to deal with rock strewn sand deposits and to provide a slurry feed at the primary ore path.

Features and benefits

  • High capacity screens using dual plate and Q and T steels
  • A highly developed support structure to handle the large impact loads
  • Polyurethane wear coatings
  • Rubber lined feed and discharge sections
  • Rock box style feed chute
  • High capacity Trunnion drive system
  • Shell jacking system
  • World leading drive selections
  • Optional feed scrubber section maintenance

Innovative maintenance features

  • Castellated rims for ease of maintenance
  • Indexed drive assemblies and matched shaft assemblies
  • Long life thrust wheels
  • Independent shell jacking and lubrication systems

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