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RCR Heat Treatment has a furnace workshop in Welshpool, Western Australia. We are equipped with a range of furnaces to cover a large variety of industrial heat treatments such as stress relieving, normalising, solutionising, curing, and dry outs.

The Welshpool workshop is one of the most comprehensive heat treatment facilities in Australia and includes controlled atmosphere/quenching furnaces for hardening processes including carburising, neutral hardening and nitro carburising. It houses the largest permanent stress relieving furnace in Australia. We also offer induction hardening of complex jobs.


RCR Heat Treatment has a wide range of mobile plant and equipment. To meet our client’s specific needs we maintain a wide range of specialised electrical and combustion heating equipment. Additionally, modular furnace panels allow furnace style heat treatment to be completed at client sites.

With experienced and trained site technicians we have the capability of mobilising throughout Australia and New Zealand on and offshore for short and long term projects or one-off jobs.

Our team, based in Western Australia, offers a quick turn around on estimating and heat treatment procedure requirements.