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In-Pit Crushing and Conveying

RCR MT award-winning In-Pit Crushing & Conveying units are designed to meet the needs of modern mining practices through a combination of feeding, screening, crushing and processing functions mounted on a single self- propelled mobile platform

Design features

RCR MT encourages the client to be involved in the selection and design processes. This collaborative effort ensures that the product meets the demands of the application and the needs of the client.

Features and benefits

  • Fully mobile self contained plant features:
  • Interactive track system which raises the plant and manoeuvres it to a new location
  • Maintain set levelling and loading control
  • On board diesel/hydraulic drive system with PLC control
  • Design allows for maintenance and operation access normally associated with fixed plant
  • Reducing mining corridor and costs, enabling reductions in mining fleet transit time and fuel usage
  • Configuration can include RCR MT apron and belt feeders, screening and rotary washing plant or client-preferred crushing and screening selections.

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